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Cloverleaf Court Case Study

The Cloverleaf Court case study discusses the development of six energy-efficient homes in Victor, Idaho, using Mitsubishi Electric's heating technology to achieve net-zero readiness and durability in cold climates.

Net Zero-Ready Community

In a group of small towns in Idaho’s Teton Valley, there is a need for affordable housing.

Earning a DOE Zero-Energy Ready Certification

Builder Brady Barkdull built this contemporary farmhouse using stock plans customized to increase the number of windows, create a more open living area, and meet a number of other needs.

Innovations For Today's Homeowners

Whether you have a single uncomfortable room, you’re renovating your entire house, or you’re building a home from scratch, Mitsubishi Electric has a Zoned Comfort Solution® that fits your unique needs.

Earthfire Plans $13M Wildlife Sanctuary Expansion

Earthfire's $13 million expansion project for its wildlife sanctuary, with Wydaho Construction leading the build. This significant initiative aims to enhance the sanctuary's capabilities for wildlife protection and community education.

Energy-Efficient Solution to Radon Mitigation

A method for sealing off radon that results in better air-sealing and proper ventilation, which means less energy usage

Energy Efficient Housing Project in Victor Idaho

In the town of Victor Idaho a group of construction and designing companies are collaborating to create a small community of net-zero energy efficient housing. Meaning that it has the ability to offset their energy usage, once solar panels are installed.

TV crew documents energy efficient housing project

The Cloverleaf Court project in Victor, developed by Fox Creek Heating and Wydaho Construction, featuring six potential net-zero energy homes with Mitsubishi Electric's heat pumps, gained national attention and will be featured on Lifetime's “Designing Spaces.” This initiative showcases the efficacy of sustainable heating in cold climates and highlights local innovation in energy-efficient housing on a national platform.

Zero Energy-Ready Community

Brady Barkdull of Wydaho Construction Services had a vision to build a community of zero energy-ready homes in the small town of Victor, Idaho. This vision was achieved by relying on the high-performance home design from Love Schack Architecture, along with Mitsubishi Electric Trane HVAC US solutions installed by a local Diamond Contractor - Fox Creek Heating. Watch the video for more of the story.

Detailing a Bonus Space in a High-Performance Home

Optimizing the utility of a bonus space above a garage in a high-performance home. It focuses on the necessity of proper insulation and construction to ensure energy efficiency and comfort. The article emphasizes the challenges and considerations in detailing such spaces for flexibility and functionality.